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Just hearing the words “Tiffany Lamps”, brings to mind quality, elegance, and beauty.  A Tiffany stained glass lamp in the home is a showpiece, a mark of distinction, and a piece of beauty.

Tiffany lamps provide more than the basic function of lighting an area; they transform your light into the focal point of any room.  Unlike other lamps you have perhaps owned and later discarded, Tiffany lamps remain in style.  You will keep and enjoy the beauty of these lamps for many years.

The stained glass that adorns the lamp is the true masterpiece of each item.  Each giving it’s own distinctive beauty that provides art to any home.

The original Tiffany lamps that were handcrafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1800s and early 1900s have brought millions at auction.  Original Tiffany lamps of this era command a hefty price. There is a long history of Tiffany lamps that equates to quality and elegance.

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Because of the popularity of Tiffany stained glass lamps, quality reproductions or Tiffany style lamps are now available at affordable prices so that many can now enjoy the beauty of stained glass lighting in their home.

A Tiffany stained glass lamp can come in various types, styles, shapes, and colors.  All will bring stunningly beautiful décor to a home.

The different types of decorative lamps include Tiffany floor lamps, Tiffany table lamps, hanging Tiffany lamps, Tiffany lamp shades, sconces, and pendants. Decorating with Tiffany lamps can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Many styles and designs include Dale Tiffany lamps, Butterfly Tiffany style, Dragonfly Tiffany, Wisteria, Floral, as well as many others.

The influence of nature was remarkably represented in Tiffany’s lamps.

The Dragonfly designs used large blue dragonflies with purple wings on a yellow background. Glass jewels made up the red eyes of the dragonfly.

One of the most interesting of shades was the Wisteria design.  The Wisteria lamps had irregular upper and lower edges. Wisteria shades were made of multiple colors with integrated vines and blossoms throughout the shade and a nestle of branches at the top opening of the shade.

Determining if a lamp is truly an original authentic Tiffany lamp from the early 1900′s is difficult.  The marking system used by Tiffany changed several times through his years of production.  Some lamps were not always signed while others had markings added that were not authentic.

Tiffany lamps made in that era have the company’s name and/or a reference number stamped on it.  Some lamp shades will bear a Tiffany signature that was pressed into the metal rim of the shade.  The signature was either signed “Tiffany Studios” or “Tiffany and Co.” with a model number. Tiffany lamps history can be a little vague at times, much like the era in which they came from.

Although most of us can hardly afford an original Tiffany lamp, the reproductions and other Tiffany style lamps made today offer an affordable means to own and display a timeless piece of art that brightens any home.  Literally!

Consider this site to be your Tiffany lamp and Tiffany style lighting guide.  Feel free to explore the wonderful world of Tiffany lamps through the pages here.  I’m sure you will learn something new.

Take your time when choosing the perfect Tiffany lamp to adorn your home. It will be a piece you will enjoy for years to come.

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